Monday, October 18, 2010

weekend madness

I hate it when a whole weekend goes by without getting my hands dirty.  Especially since now it's a bit of a sprint to the finish line to move perennials, plant bulbs and new shrubs before the weather gets too cold to bear.  Plus, the whole foliage thing is starting to kick into high gear, and I find myself doing a lot of staring.

The craziest thing that happened this weekend amongst the soccer, horseback riding and birthday party craze was apple traffic.  That's right, apple traffic.  Our no traffic light town is inundated with apple pickers taking advantage of the end of the season.  I've heard that Christmas tree season is worse, better remember to leave more time when trying to get to aforementioned activities.

I managed to squeeze in some time for a canning class at Sport Hill Farm with Sherri Vinton, local author and canning expert.  I have to admit that her book has been sitting on my shelf for several months, with me, totally intimidated and afraid to give it a try.  She made it look easy and (I think) later this week I'm going to give a shot.  More to follow on this...

Oh. And this also happened this weekend.  I would've posted pictures of the eating, but that just would have embarrassed everyone involved.

Once again, demonstrating that I do not have the proper lighting to take pictures in my kitchen.  Must get on that pronto!  Or after one of the eight million other things that needs to get done around here.

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