Wednesday, October 13, 2010

lots of progress

Question of the Day- Why is reclaimed wood so ridiculously expensive?
Now that it's starting to look like something, I'm getting really excited.
Chicken wire on the lower portion to keep the little critters out.

There was a lot of backlash last year about people spending a lot of money to set up gardens vs. what the actual yield from such gardens is worth.  So let me clarify, it's not necessary to do things this way. This is just the way that I want it done, which will work into a larger design plan of the entire yard. If you think you don't have the space to have a productive veg garden, check this out.


  1. So what will you be planting next week (Garlic - to rid your garage of the sets - and the smell!). What else? Will you be using row covers?

  2. Definitely going to grow some arugula with row covers. I'm also thinking about putting in some berry shrubs - I saw some at Agway the other day. And yes, there is an Agway here (and it's awesome) nothing like living in the country!