Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Feeling so fortunate these days

When we decided to move to our new town, we knew we had chosen a small town with a long and rich agricultural tradition.  That made me happy.  The house was found, the deal negotiated and plans were made in the late winter.  We drove by what would be the kids new school to see it's location and were impressed.  It was a new building, only a few years old, and constructed to look like an old barn to reflect the history of the town.  Impressive, but not all that surprising.  Spring turned to summer, we moved, and went to register the kids for school, and boy were we shocked.  Across the entire front lawn of the school, was planted a large corn field.  Several of the other green expanses of lawn had been tilled and planted with broccoli, cabbages and pumpkins.

An agreement had been struck between one of the local organic farms (Sport Hill Farm) and the town for a lease of what was basically unused land.  The kids helped plant in the spring, and upon the harvest a percentage of the proceeds was donated back to the school for enrichment programs.  Sounds kind of perfect, huh?

This past week my kids and I were fortunate to help out the folks from Sport Hill... and even my kids who generally do not like to help me do this kind of work (they're spoiled, they've never known any different, planting and harvesting is not a novelty to them as it is to most kids) had a lot of fun.

Broccoli growing, with the school in the distance.

Loads of pumpkins, that will be sold at Sport Hill Farm and decorate the school for fall.

Searching for corn

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