Friday, October 15, 2010


It's like an addiction in this country, but not one that's bad for you.  You can't go anywhere without seeing people carrying water bottles, can't go to any sort of store, event or gas station without being able to purchase it.  And well, water is good for your right?  It's good that people are drinking more water than ever.  Isn't it?  And if tap water is good, then bottled water is somehow even better, and more pure.

It's been years since it came to light that many of the most popular and available bottled waters are simply tap water.  I actually thought this might cut down on our population's consumption, but it hasn't seemed to even make a dent.  And while millions of people on our planet are denied access to safe and clean water, our thirst for a bottle with a snow capped mountain on the label has not been quenched.

I know what your first question is, because every time I get into a (let's call it) discussion with someone about bottled water they say, "and you've never bought a bottle of water, right?"  And the answer is, of course I've bought a bottle of water before.  Of course I've been caught someplace longer than expected with whiny hot kids that want a drink.  That's it though, it's the exception not the rule.  I don't buy cases of water at Costco for every day consumption.  I don't put out bottles of water when we have a party.  I do embarrass my kids and husband by making them take reusable bottles to school and work.  Really, it's not that much of an effort to make that happen, and the kids haven't gotten beaten up yet.

The video The story of bottled water has been making it's way around the internet and Facebook for some time now.  So chances are, you've probably seen it.

For Blog Action Day 2010 I thought I'd share with you this video.  It's from a campaign early this year, but I think it does the perfect job of getting the point across!

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