Monday, May 23, 2011

thinking I should build an ark...

I'm finding it hard to motivate to write anything with this ridiculously dreary weather we are having.   There is nothing like planting most of your summer vegetables in the rain as I did on Sunday morning.  Well, at least I don't have to water.

In one of the few moments that it hasn't been raining in what seems like weeks I managed to snap this picture of a rhododendron (PJM is the variety, one of the most common plants out there) that is ready to be pruned.  Rhodies and Azaleas need to be pruned as soon as they are done flowering.  Really, AS SOON... not a few weeks later, not at the end of the season.  Prune at any other time and you will not have flowers the following season, and don't lie to me when you call me when there are issues, suggesting that maybe you need to fertilize (true story, withholding names to spare friends from humiliation).

Ugly rain destroyed flowers - time to prune.

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