Friday, September 3, 2010

well now we've gone and done it...

We packed it up, moved away from all our friends and my beloved short trips to Manhattan and moved to the country.  Okay, it's not quite that dramatic, we only moved 30 minutes away but this is definitely more country than I've ever experienced.  We are spitting distance to people who raise sheep, goats (I've already been promised home made goat cheese) chickens and a working dairy farm (have to go take pictures of the bulls because they are so cute).  The local vegetable farmers are tripping over themselves to sell produce and you have your choice of almost everything.   I love the fact that the kids see these things on their way to school everyday even though we appear to live in your typical suburban neighborhood.

In a few short weeks construction will begin on my raised beds and vegetable garden enclosure.  Six hundred square feet of uninterrupted (except by snow) vegetable and fruit growing. Oh, and then there's the 3 acres of weeding I need to get to.

Project number one however is drawing up a complete redesign of all my beds.  If you've ever seen my drawings (and a few of you have) you know that this is a big challenge.  I can see the beds in my mind but putting them on paper is a different story.  I'm going to attempt to renovate them all by myself (with the exception of a spare pair of hands when the plants are to heavy to lift alone - don't all volunteer at once).  I had been contemplating restarting this blog for some time, so I'll attempt to document everything as well a spew forth all of my gardening advice.  You should have heard how happy the new neighbors were when I told them I was a Horticulturalist (oh you'll have to come over to my yard, it needs help).  But for now the weeds are calling my name....

(farmer in training)

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  1. Hi Shira,
    I just got your comment on one of my blogs... Welcome to our town! :) Hope you were able to find your bumper sticker. They are sold in the Village Store fyi.

    Your blog is lovely! Good luck with adjusting to the "country" life.
    The Whimsical Fig & Easton Place Designs