Tuesday, September 7, 2010

and the projects begin

Before I can actually think about redesigning all of the beds in my yard I've got to see what I'm working with.  The gardens are so overgrown and overcrowded, that it's hard to get a clear picture of things.  So round one is removing any dead plants, mostly dead plants, diseased plants or anything that really needs to go.  Like this-

Or this...

The last thing you see before you pull into our driveway which consists of several large blue spruce trees, 2 dead spiraeas and lots of weeds.  Lovely huh?  What a great first impression.   After ripping out the offensive parts I initially contemplated just leaving it as is since it looked so much better.

Now comes the hardest part, finding the restraint not to put a bunch of new gorgeous plants in this perfect empty spot.  The natural reaction is to fill the spot, but that will only get me in to trouble in a year or two.  If I don't leave some space (and by that I mean quite a bit of space) for things to fill in and grow, next fall I'll be moving half the plants.  I added one small hosta and 3 tiny Heucheras.  Sure it looks sparse now (which I hate, just like everyone else)  but come next spring when the Heucheras (coral bells) start filling in it should look just perfect. It takes a lot of patience! Developing beautiful gardens is a multi year project. There is an old gardening adage; First year they sleep, second year they creep and third year they leap.  I know, waiting 3 years...I don't know if I can do it either.  Anyway by the time the third year rolls around I'll be ready to redesign all the beds again :)

This is how tiny the heucheras are now (this shot is super magnified)

And in a few years they'll look just like their mama


  1. Cute heuchera, have your grown yours from seed?

  2. It is possible to grow heuchera's successfully from seed, but all the new cool colors are not available that way- they are all created via tissue cultures. I would have to save seed from a newer cultivar and I'm not that organized! I just tend to dig up all the little babies that turn up at this time of year, or divide when they get too big.