Thursday, September 23, 2010

Not your grandmother's canning project

I'll admit, I've been reluctant to join the canning craze that seems to be the new "in" thing with the sustainability, eat local, and okay hippie groups I usually tend to associate with.  It's been called "granny-chic," there are blogs about it like Punk Domestics, and books on the end displays at every big book store.  Even though I'm fairly competent in the kitchen, I've been too scared to try this out on my own.  In the past I've always either frozen left over produce, cooked with it then frozen, or given extras to friends.

Two days ago, I had a revelation courtesy of the New York Times.  With a few left over peaches from my CSA box, italian plums from our local farm stand, and raspberries (bought at whole foods, as local berries are out of season now-note to self, make this in August next year) I decided to take on this little project for rum preserved fruit and really it couldn't be easier.

Layers of berries, sugar, rum and peaches

Plums and more rum added - and it's done.  Into the basement for 12 weeks, and I'm realizing now they will be ready just in time for my birthday.  Perfect!

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