Tuesday, April 12, 2011

spreading the love

I'm not usually one to shill for other websites (particularly one with big corporate money behind it) but I've come across two relatively new websites this week that I think are pretty awesome.

Home Farming by Triscuit (which means Nabisco/Kraft) is a great, starter website for anyone who is venturing into the world of vegetable growing, whether you are trying tomatoes in pots for the first time, or ripping up your whole yard (not advised, for the newbie).  They keep it simple, and are trying to build a community of "home farmers".  I've never thought of myself as such, and I worry that this term, which is at the moment cool and trendy, might be overdoing it a bit.  However, if it encourages people to grow their own, I'm all for it. I am also mindful though about what my friend and neighbor Sherri Vinton (author of Put 'Em Up) has to say about all this trendiness.

For the serious home growing, canning addict there is Homegrown.  Put together by the folks at Farm Aid, this is a no messing around website for people that are urban homesteading, running community gardens, and making major life commitments to growing.  It's not for everyone, but it's pretty cool to see real people, taking real risks to help better our planet.

All the cool kids are doing it... you know you want to!!

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