Friday, April 29, 2011

it's payback time...

Remember this?  That was back when I had paying clients, who wanted me to design their gardens, or wanted me to design their gardens so they could tell me I was doing it all wrong.  The truth is, after 3 years of going to horticulture school to study design, I really didn't like it all that much.  For me, it's all about the plants.  Show me a new and exciting cultivar, and  I'm in heaven.  Propagation in my own garden, it's my nirvana (you can only guess the number of times I've told my husband I'm having a baby, and the sheer look of relief when he is realizes I'm talking about a plant baby).

Flash forward a few years, and I'm living on 3 acres and unable to care for all of it on my own (except for some of my precious perennials, no one is ever touching those, ditto for my veg garden)  so I've had to hire a landscaping company to handle some projects for me.  Now I'm someone's nightmare client - a lot of knowledge and not enough physical strength to make it all happen - oh, and I'm opinionated.  They hate me already.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Ha! I love it: "now I'm someone's nightmare client" with a lot of knowledge and opinions. That made me laugh. I'm kind of that when I shop at garden centers.