Tuesday, April 26, 2011

procrastination central

Not really, just on the blogging front.  I've started about 6 different blog posts in the last week, and haven't finished a single one.

Last week the kids were on school vacation, (hello, no time for myself) and it was also the Passover holiday (lots of crumbs, trust me.)  The aforementioned left very little time for blogging, much less time for a coherent sentence to formulate in my brain.

Then Sunday, the weather took a drastic turn, it's finally feeling a little bit like spring.  With the long range forecast having night time temperatures no where near freezing (not that it couldn't still happen, fyi) it's time  to start direct sowing a whole bunch of stuff that should have been in weeks ago, swiss chard, beets (two of my favorites) dill, head lettuces, carrots, cilantro etc.  I'm also moving some of my transplants, from the basement into the light of day.

Oh and there was a little incident in my garden this past weekend that involved this guy.

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