Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finally getting to #3

Hi all, sorry it's been a few days of one internet/computer problem after another.  Finally we seem to be okay for the moment.

Since those upside down tomato planters burst onto the scene a few years ago I've had tons of questions about them.  Do they work? I would say yes, but haven't personally tried it.  Do they work any better than a regular plastic pot?  Probably not, sorry.  All the things that are promised on their packaging and website (no cutworms, no ground fungus, no harmful bacteria) are true of conventional containers as well.  So you could use any plastic container for a dollar or two fill with potting soil and have the same benefits.

In addition they claim that hanging upside down, "water and nutrients pour directly from the root to the fruit."  I think this is questionable science at best.  Are you smarter or have higher brain function if you hang upside down and let all the blood rush to your head?  I won't bore you with a botany lesson, but the xylem and phloem do a pretty good job and moving nutrients and water up and down the stem, they don't need help from gravity.  In fact gravity may confuse the issue, and on many drive by sightings this summer I saw plants that had turned themselves around and started growing upright anyway.

In researching their website If found that the same company that makes this tomato planter also makes the roll n'grow seed mats. Oh brother... more on that another time.


  1. testing the comments... are they working???

  2. NOw I know why I don't hang upside down? Funny posting.