Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Here's a question for you...

What kind of gardener plans an extended weekend vacation in what is usually the best part of the growing season?  One who forgets how fickle mother nature can be, and who assumed that everything would be planted, and well established enough that drip irrigation on a timer would be all the minding that the vegetable garden would need.  Not too smart.

Things are really out of whack this year, cold, wet spring, followed by spurts of very hot weather.  My plants are seriously confused.  Nonetheless... things are finally starting to move along (If you are a farmer's market shopper or belong to a CSA please take pity on the farmers, everything is running very late).

This week I'll be harvesting (yes in 90+ degree weather);

Black seeded simpson lettuce, this was started inside, limped along, now is finally ready.

Snap peas and leaf lettuces

AND garlic scapes!!!!!

What's a garlic scape you ask?  Here is a great explanation from Dorie Greenspan along with a fabulous recipe for garlic scape pesto, which is what I will be making with my scapes.  Anyone want to come for dinner tonight?

When they start to curl they are ready to be harvested.

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