Monday, January 3, 2011

trying to find my inspiration

I'm finding it completely overwhelming to redesign 3 acres of poorly created gardens.  Where to start, what can I save and salvage, just how much money am I going to spend on new plants, and exactly how many seeds do I need to start in a few weeks.  And mostly, how am I going to get all the work done by myself, and take care of my kids, work a little, blog, and maybe have a bit of fun.

Then, while I was digging through some old photos to find a picture for Saturday's post I found these.
Nice pavement, huh? and lingering snow, this was March
Excuse me, you want to put a garden where?
Transformed!  Oh wait, I designed this space, and all the gardens.  (please note I did not design adding an ugly plastic garbage can and metal picnic tables, the one's I selected were gorgeous, even the garbage can, but there was not enough money left!)
I guess I am up to the task of redesigning my space.  I think I can... I think I can...

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