Wednesday, January 12, 2011

feels a little bit like summer

Okay, maybe not.

A few months ago (was it really that long?) I decided on the spur of the moment to make some limoncello.  I had never done it before, and was kind of winging it (a bad habit of mine) using a mash up of several different recipes.  Frankly, I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out.  The smell of the poor quality alcohol (as suggested by nearly every recipe) nearly knocked me off my feet.  But I figured, why not try anyway.  It's been sitting on my counter steeping and taunting me ever since.

Last night we had 23 inches of snow.  No school today, and if I was a betting woman I'd say none tomorrow either.  So I've been hiding in the kitchen trying to make myself busy so I don't have to play one more game of Harry Potter wizard chess.  Today was D- day, either the 2nd step happened with the limoncello or I was going to pour it down the drain (or perhaps use as anti-freeze? snow-melt?)  So I opened up the container, and it actually smelled pretty decent.  I added 3 cups of simple syrup and the aroma it gave off was just like lemonade...

One more day in the pickle jar and then it will get divided up into these cute little stopper bottles.  Then into the freezer for safe keeping until warmer weather prevails (maybe).


  1. What time does the bar open?

  2. As soon as some of this snow melts!!!