Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Just in case you felt like buying me a holiday gift....

I'm totally kidding by the way.
It's called Botanicalls... and it will Tweet you when your plants need to be watered.  On a side note, is "tweet you" correct?  I can't seem to understand Twitter, even though my brother and others have explained it to me many times.  Regardless - clearly we as a human race are not smart enough to stick our finger in the pot and see if the soil is moist or not.  Okay, maybe I shouldn't make that assumption.

I'm a notorious hater of house plants*.  This doesn't make sense to most people as I love plants, right?  But I really, really detest them.  You will not find a single one in my house.   When someone brings me one, I end up killing them.  I stick them in a corner in the living room, or some other room where it looks nice and promptly forget about it.  Hey wait... maybe I do need this gadget?

*House plants does not include indoor forcing bulbs.  Which I love, you can bring me some any time!

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