Tuesday, August 16, 2011

mix up in the nursery?

So back in the spring, I picked up a squash transplant at the local nursery to fill a hole I had in my vegetable garden.  I thought I was planting mini patty pan squash. So small you can hold a couple in your hand, and so small that you only need to cut off the end and just saute.  One of the easiest things to prepare in the squash family.  I'd show you a picture if I had one, but I don't.  That little plant tag that was in the pot was wrong.  Instead I have these...

Big patty pan squash, anyone have any ideas what to do with them?

Mix ups (understandably) happen.  The plants look identical, as do the tiny seeds - but I'm still annoyed.


  1. LOL!! Here are some recipes for you! Stuffed, grilled, casseroles, etc., patty pan squash: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/stuffed-pattypan-squash/detail.aspx



  2. Thanks! Think I might harvest them tomorrow...