Friday, March 4, 2011

I knew I was right!

Back in the day, when I had paying clients (not you freeloaders - you know who you are) I had a design suggestion that was questioned by nearly every single one.  When sketching out on paper, and then when actually installing the design I would, as I learned in school, leave 2 feet of clearance from the foundation.  Yes, it can look a little awkward, but as the plant grows and fills the space, access is still needed for pruning, watering or in case you need to paint the house, fix a window, etc. This is also assuming that most people (with a few crazy exceptions) will not actually prune at all.  There is also the problem of clogged gutters, and icicles which send a steady stream of water to the same spot over a long period of time.    Most winters, may not be an issue, but behold some boxwood awesomeness...

Sunny today - ignore the shadow!  Next up another boxwood - right next to the front door, how welcoming!

This holly used to stand about 5 1/2 feet, just a little bit taller than me.  Now it's about knee height. 

NB- Just in case you're wondering - these problems came with the house...

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